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How to keep your details out of the wrong hands

Privacy is important to everyone and in the days of the internet sometimes privacy feels like a thing of the past. The Web is a great place full of entertainment and information but there are dark areas full of shady business and data selling.

The Dark Web is a term a lot of people have heard by now, but how much do you really know about it? And how safe is your information?

A decentralized network of internet sites that are not accessible using normal search engines and web URLs is what makes up the Dark Web, this helps its users stay as anonymous as possible.

Did you know that the dark web is approximately 400-500 times the size of the internet that most people are used to browsing. And unfortunately through no fault of your own your data can be leaked in to this huge network.

But what can you do about this?

Fortunately there are ways to combat the lack of privacy and keep your details as safe as possible. There are now several types of email scanning websites such as Have i been Pwned that allow you to check your current email addresses to see if they have been involved in any data leaks.

Another way to keep your accounts more secure is good password setting practices, you should always use different passwords for each of your accounts and make sure that they are complex. Password managers like LastPass can help with this as they can give you the freedom to pick long, unique and complex passwords without the stress of needing to memorize them.

Data breaches will continue to be an ongoing problem but using these techniques you can stay one step ahead and keep your information as safe as possible.

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